January 1, 2021

I sent you photos of my work on the case of the 2x8’ harpsichord.  The case construction of the 3-choir instrument is identical except for a wider gap, wide enough for three registers of jacks.  I did make photos of my work on this 3-choir instrument.  Here I am trimming the ends of the ribs and cut-off bar on the underside of the sideboard.

Here I am gluing in the soundboard:

After gluing in the tail (bass) hitchpin rail, I used the same clamping arrangement to glue in the tenor hitch-pin rail:

And here I am gluing in the treble hitchpin rail:

Here is the instrument with the soundboard installed, with the bottom panels glued pin and trimmed. 
After trimming and fitting the lid panels, I am gluing the lid battens in the background. 

I am cutting the printed paper patterns that will be glued incise the case rim.

Copying my photos of the soundboard of the 1640 Ruckers at Yale, here is my work on the soundboard painting:

Here I am sketching in pencil from my photos:

There are intricate arabesques that help separate the figures and fill spaces.  Again, I am copying from myy photos:

Here’s the finished soundboard painting:

I have spent the last week working on painting the case and varnishing—more about this later.