January 15, 2021

I’ve been working on many little details -- repainting and varnishing lid edges, fitting the fallboard, finishing the jackrail, padding the music desk.  Here are a few photos.

Here is your keyboard.  There are little padded platforms on next to the top and bottom keys -- there are to support the jacks for the low GG when the keyboard is transposed to 440 and to support the  and the extra jacks for the high d’’’ when the keyboard is in the 415 position.  

The jacks in French keyboards are stopped by (and the keycap therefore determined by) the jackrail; in Flemish instruments,  the keydip is controlled by a padded strip of wood over the tails of the keys.  

As I had intended this instrument for myself (I gave it a detailed Flemish soundboard painting and the papers in the key well and above the soundboard -- I even added the decorative red stripes that Run keys always added to the papers.  Here I am adding the stripes to the jackrail.  

Here is the jackrail in the instrument:

I have two tasks yet to complete:  I need to prepare the brass jackrail hooks that hold the jackrail in place, and I need to prepare and install the buff stop.  I am tuning your instrument regularly and playing scales and arpeggios up and down the keyboard every day to help ‘break in’ the plectra:  new plectra stiffen with use, and I’m helping them stiffen a bit so that I can more precisely do a final voicing and regulation right before I deliver. The instrument is playing beautifully now -- I love the sound!